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Crafty Gardeners E-Books

I will be posting the E-Books here.   Please allow it to load it takes a little while.
This one is just a little of everything just to highlight a few things that we have done.

I will also be trying to post directions for different crafts on these E-Books.   You can save
them or print them out if you wish, but I will keep them here for references.

First E-Book click here.

Information on Creeping Phlox
Information on Sedum
How-to's for Tipsy Pots
Texture using Hostas
Glass & Ceramic Totem How-To's
Pictures of Members Flowers
Different Birdhouses

E-Book second edition

Using White in the Garden
Planter White Totem How To
Metal Flag How To
Decorated Stars How To
Cork Wreath How To
Living Wreath How To

Third Edition

Birdhouse Introduction
Log Birdhouse How To
Straw Hat Birdhouse How To
Wood Birdhouse and Birdhouse from Junk

Potpourri Jar
Amazing Flower Pictures
Fun With Your Camera
Recycled Art Work
Printer Art Work
Lighted Wine Bottle

Fourth Edition

Flower Topiary How To
Trash to Treasure Wind Chimes How To
Metal Garden Art
Wood Tulips How To
Glass Totems on Poles How To
Flower Pot Glass Totem How To
Glass Totem Birdfeeder How To
Garden Glove Art How To
Decoupage Containers


Fifth Edition E-Book

Recycled Shutter Out House
Garden Art
Stained Glass Wind Chimes
For the Bugs
Fall Wreath


Christmas Crafts 1st Edition

Cloth Standing Reindeer

Cardboard Ornaments

Snow Covered Bulbs

Beaded Straw Hats

Ribbon Garland

Santa Gourd

Gourd Snowman

Second Edition Christmas Crafts


Cloth Reindeer
CD Ornaments
Wine Bottle Night Lite
Beaded Tree
Newspaper Bird Ornament
Snowman Banner