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Crafts we Make

Here's some of the  crafts we make for our home and gardens.    If you have any questions on any of the crafts just email me and we will try and help you.


Deb's Mosaic Pot

  1. Purchase or select a terra cotta flower pot. Larger flower pots are easier to cover with mosaic than smaller ones.
  2. I put clear coat on the inside and outside of the pot.
  3. I used nippers to cut my plates for tesserae and glued it on with GE 2.   You can also break tiles or plates inbetween newspaper.
    Put the GE 2 on the mosaic item and press it on to the terra cotta pot. Repeat this step until all of the items are glued to the pot. Set aside for 24 hours. Some popular mosaic items include: broken tile, broken plates, jewelry, beads, beans, marbles, smooth rocks, and sliced cork.
  4. Grouted with mapei ultraflex grout .    Apply the grout to the spaces between each mosaic item. Let the grout set ten minutes. Remove excessive grout on the items by rubbing with a newspaper.
  5. Use a damp sponge to remove the grout that remains on the mosaic items. Wipe gently.
  6. Let grout dry for a couple of days.
  7. Then seal with aquamix grout sealer.
  8. Fill with a beautiful plant or use as a decorative container.


For this particle one I made labels for the bottle myself and added it for a more personalized bottle.

Then all you do is add grapes or flowers to the top and insert a 10 count light string.   
You can get the battery operated ones or the plug in kind.  I also added raffia to the top.   
Insert your cork and there you have a very neat night light,  accent light or just a beautiful accent piece.


Birdhouses to adorn your backyard gardens.

These are made from landscape timbers.   Cut into varying lengths. 

Cut the top at a slant for your roof.

Cut the roof out of 1 x boards.

Paint with outdoor paint and adorn with garage sale finds.   I put earrings and

glow in the dark stars.